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The Cone Guys is your go-to source of the best gourmet ice cream cones regardless of the season. With four distinct flavors made from the highest quality ingredients, you can have the assurance of getting the best from every bite.

Chocolate Chip cookEcones

For over 33 years, The Cone Guys have been making the chocolate chip cones in the market today. Our experts have perfected the art which is why all our cones will give you that excellent taste you’ve always wanted. With a pocket-friendly price and an attractive package, you’ll enjoy every bite of this amazing gourmet ice cream cones.

Chocolate cookEcones

One of The Cone Guys must-eat gourmet ice cream cones is the chocolate cookie cones. The cones will provide a moist, crunchy feel from the moment you take your first bite.

If you are yearning for a chocolaty treat, grab your chocolate cookie cone now. Like always, you’ll enjoy the amazing luscious flavor with every bite.

cookEcones with M&M’s ® MINI’s ®

When getting these delicious gourmet ice cream cones, you can expect to enjoy sweet, scrumptious bites. The ice cream is made from high-quality ingredients to ensure that the end product will exceed your expectations.


Whether you buy from the local shop or order direct you’ll fall in love with these cones with every bite.

CookECones with Sprinkles

Let’s celebrate with an array of sprinkles baked into our scrumptious sugar cookie dough.


This is how it all began! The original Cone Guys’ Philadelphia-style golden pretzels formed into a delightfully crisp and yummy baked cone.

4-cone dispenser is one of our premium products


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Our ice cream cones are available in many ice cream parlors across the United States. We also have an online platform available for distributor purchases.

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